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Gerald Genta Retro Fantasy Minnie Mouse G.3299.7 18k YG Diamond Bezel

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Famed for first fixing the friendly faces of everyone’s favorite Disney friends onto his watches in the 1980s as the watch designer of his own brand following his acquisition of the rights to do so, Gérald Genta’s design DNA has largely been linked with Mickey Mouse and Disney’s other cartoon characters. Often dressed in various costumes or during a random activity such as golfing, Genta’s depiction of the characters often enables the character to seamlessly integrate into the function of the watch, with these watches often featuring hour and minute hands that are designed to operate and appear as both; the watch’s and the character’s hands. Horologically astute while remaining whimsical in nature, these timepieces have become iconic within the pantheon of Gerald Genta as a brand, and the man’s own legacy. Depicted here is Minnie Mouse in her original pink polka dot skirt and red shoes printed over a simple silver dial. Contrasting the otherwise understated dial, this timepiece also boasts a distinctive single-lug design and an entire 18kt yellow gold construction that boasts a diamond-set bezel that sits atop the timepiece’s 18kt gold case and runs along the case with spoke-like protusions that stick out from each of the timepiece’s eight corners with an additional diamond that combines with the rest of its design to create a visually unique timepiece that speaks to Genta’s unique design language and iconic eye for detail. Additionally, while models from this collection were typically offered on leather straps, this example sits on an 18kt yellow gold bracelet that adds to its luxurious aesthetic, exclusive heft and truly admirable level of detail considering that this watch tackled such a new concept for a luxury watchmaker by bridging pop culture and luxury watchmaking in a way that had never been done before.

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$6,000 – $8,000

The Details


Gerald Genta




Retro Fantasy Minnie Mouse






18kt yellow gold bracelet


Circa 1990




18kt yellow gold


Watch only

Dial Color



Featuring a silver dial with Minnie Mouse depicted colorfully front and center, this timepiece uses the Disney cartoon character's hands to show the time, a rather new and strange concept for a luxury watch brand to embrace at the time.


While it might only be svelte at 24mm in diameter, the Retro Fantasy's 18kt yellow gold construction, with its stepped diamond-set bezel, single lug design and diamond-set spoke-like protrusions, combine to give it far more visual impact than its measurements would lead you to believe, proving that sometimes less is indeed more. Additionally, with its 18kt yellow gold bracelet, this example goes above and beyond to show that pop culture and high-end luxury can co-exist successfully.


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Watch is in excellent condition. There is minor surface wear on the gold case and bracelet as shown. Minnie Mouse hands show some very minor wear as seen in the images. Bracelet is approximately 6" in length.

Our Perspective

An iconic collection of watches that went on to demonstrate that the famously conservative watchmaking industry could indeed share a space with pop culture icons such as cartoon characters, it is his collaboration with Disney that showcased Genta's desire to continue breaking free from the standards set upon him by others even though, at this later stage of his career, he had nothing left to prove.

Justin Gruenberg