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Like you, we live for the chase. We are always on the hunt for elusive horological masterpieces. Maybe you are holding one right now? Let’s talk.

Listing Package

As a seller you will pay a $500 flat fee to have your watch listed on Loupe This. The fee will be deducted from the final sale amount of your watch.

The package includes the following:

  • Up to 20 professional photographs of the watch
  • Instagram posts and/or Instagram stories of the watch
  • Insured Fedex priority shipping from you to us

Loupe This

What To Expect

Discretion — At Loupe This, discretion is key. Your anonymity will be protected throughout the process.

No Sliding Fees — There are no percentage commissions or sliding fees. You pay a single fee for your listing, no matter what the hammer price is.

Our Process

Each and every timepiece up for auction on Loupe This has been thoroughly vetted by our team of seasoned watch aficionados. Condition, originality and provenance are all critical. In order for a watch to be considered for inclusion on our platform, we arrange for the watch to be delivered to us, where our team vets and approves the watch and creates a listing. Each listing consists of expert photography, an exhaustive list of characteristics and notable details, as well as a written description of the watch and why it is special. In addition, comments from the Loupe This community help to provide the prospective buyer, or the interested observer, a level of insight previously unseen within the watch auction world.

When the bidding concludes, Loupe This handles final stages of the transaction with the winning bidder. We ensure and insure safe shipping of the watch to its new home. Once the transaction is complete, the seller will receive payment for the watch, minus the listing fee.

Rare, valuable and interesting watches — verified and available to the highest bidder.

Rare, valuable and interesting watches — verified and available to the highest bidder.

Need Help?

In case we can be of further assistance, or if you would like to speak with a member of our team, please visit our contact page.