I was the high bidder! Now what do I do?

If fortune should smile upon you and you win your auction, your card will automatically be charged the buyer’s premium equivalent to 10% of your winning bid. We will then send you an invoice for the remaining amount which requires settlement within 7 days.

Why are you charging me a fee on my bid, once it’s over $10,000?

Any bid over $10,000 is subject to a verification fee of 10% (Up to a maximum of $10,000) that is held on your credit card. The 10% fee hold will be released if you are not the winning bidder at the conclusion of the sale. It is only a hold and not a charge.

How do I know the watch is genuine?

Every watch listed on Loupe This has been vetted by our team of world-renowned watch experts. Any watch listed on our site has passed our rigorous vetting procedures, in line with our high standards. (*)

Can I be sure I’ll get the watch after I’ve paid for it?

Every watch listed on Loupe This is in our possession. Once we receive payment the watch will be shipped, fully insured, to wherever you wish.

I want to comment on a listing. How can I do that?

Verified Loupe This members can comment on any listing, offering insights and views regarding the watches up for auction. Simply log in and join in the conversation!

I want to sell my watch. Will you sell it for me?

If your watch meets our quality standards, we arrange for the watch to be delivered to us, where our team documents the watch and creates a listing. Each listing consists of expert photography, a detailed description of the watch and why it is special.

Why would I sell through Loupe This and not a regular auction house?

Our platform ensures that your watch will get the maximum exposure, and our fees are extremely competitive in the current marketplace. People buy from Loupe This with 100% confidence thanks to our world class team of experts and input from the Loupe This community. A traditional auction house transaction could take over 90 days from start to finish, whereas we aim to get you paid within 30 days of you sending us the watch.