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M.A.D. MAD 1 Red

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Famed for his flamboyant and eccentric designs, Maximilian Busser of MB&F is perhaps one of the best-known watchmaking CEOs in the world of horology. While his incredibly keen eye for detail has helped establish MB&F at the zenith of watchmaking, it is no surprise that collectors around the world, who he calls the Tribe, have been drawn to his charismatic devotion to his collectors. Powered by this devotion, Max began designing a new timepiece in 2020 that would blend his incredibly unique design language with a price tag that would be far more palatable than what MB&F timepieces are usually accompanied by. Offered only to a small selection of MB&F’s most-valued collectors and friends, the M.A.D. Edition 1 is the result of that design process. Powered by a heavily modified automatic Miyota cal. 821A, the M.A.D. Edition 1 features a lateral time display and a titanium and tungsten triple-blade winding rotor that sits atop its case and spins incredibly fast above a blue aluminum ring. This is then matched by the blue aluminum ring that rotates around the case as the hour display, which features a grey minute ring beneath it which rotates the very same way. An incredibly personal piece of design from Max’s perspective and an incredibly cool-looking and rare timepiece from the wider-watch community’s perspective, the M.A.D. 1 is as rare a timepiece as it is unique, and this is the perfect opportunity to add one to your collection.

Launched in 2022 as the commercial version of its original blue counterpart, the M.A.D. Edition 1 Red was offered to customers that had expressed interest in MB&F's next version of the M.A.D. Edition 1 following the launch of its blue predecessor. The opportunity to purchase one of the remaining units was then raffled off to lucky winners via an online lottery system. Functionally identical to its blue sibling, the M.A.D. Edition 1 Red is as incredible as they come and will certainly take pride of place in any watch collection thanks to just how incredibly unique and distinctly 'MB&F' it is.

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M 10


Vetted & Approved


Flashlight, Original box, Pouch

Est. value range

$8,000 – $12,000

The Details


M.A.D. by Maximilian Busser


42mm x 18.8mm


Edition 1 Red


M.A.D.1 calibre (based on Miyota 821A)


Edition 1 Red


Leather strap






Stainless steel


Watch, box and papers

Dial Color



While tall at 18.8mm, it is a practical element of the M.A.D. 1's display with its unique lateral time indication using two aluminum rings that rotate around its stainless steel case to display the hours and minutes.


Powered by the heavily modified and upside-down Miyota cal. 821A, the M.A.D. 1's party trick is its incredibly fast spinning triple-blade top-mounted winding rotor which sits atop a red ring. Quite the spectacle.


This reading was taken (crown down) with a ONEOF Accuracy Boutique Edition timing machine at time of cataloging. It is provided as a courtesy only, and shall not be construed as a warranty or guarantee of any kind. Please refer to our terms and conditions of sale for more information.


Watch is in new condition with protective plastic still affixed on several surfaces.

Our Perspective

An incredibly personal project for Maximilian and his team, the M.A.D. 1 represents the very best of Max's creative talents, and as such is an incredibly unique timepiece of unparalleled value. Furthermore, the red variant demonstrates just how closely Max and his team listens to their customers, with the unprecedented reaction to the blue M.A.D. 1 leading to the commercial launch of the red variant we have here.

Sam Hines

Managing Director