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Rolex Daytona 6239 Paul Newman Three Color White Dial

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Released in 1963, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona has become perhaps the most iconic chronograph the world has ever seen. Famed for its legendary design, a rich heritage in motorsport and ties to famed actor and race car driver Paul Newman whose wearing the watch spurred a watch collector frenzy, the Daytona's reputation precedes itself. However, it wasn’t always that way for the Daytona. Released to celebrate Rolex becoming the Daytona International Speedway's official timekeeper the year before in 1962, the Cosmograph was actually a commercial failure in the early years of its launch. Debuting as the ref. 6239, the reference we have here and the same reference that Paul Newman himself wore, the Cosmograph was up against industry titans like Heuer, Breitling and others. Measuring in at 37mm and powered by the iconic Valjoux cal. 722 movement, the ref. 6239 was up to the task, but customers would choose the other options instead. While Rolex had called the Cosmograph both the Le Mans and the Daytona, they eventually stuck with the Daytona name in 1965 and birthed the fully-fledged icon that we know today. In addition to the evolution of its name, another tactic Rolex employed to popularize their watch was giving it new dial variants, with the exotic dial, or “Paul Newman” dial as it is known existing as one of those dial variants. Best known for the square counters in its subdials and red accents along its chapter ring, the dial our ref. 6239 here features is indeed the ‘Paul Newman’ dial. An icon of horology and greater pop culture, the Paul Newman Daytona was popularized in the 1980s when collectors caught on to Paul Newman wearing his famous example, and since then the Daytona as a whole has become one of the most desirable watches in horology, and the four digit ‘Paul Newman’ exotic dial examples like the one we have here stand as the apex predator of that food chain.

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Service Pouch

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$150,000 – $200,000

The Details






Daytona 'Paul Newman'


Manual-wind Valjoux cal. 722




Stainless steel Oyster bracelet






Stainless steel


Watch and Rolex service pouch

Dial Color



Boasting the exotic or "Paul Newman" dial, this ref. 6239 features a panda dial with its black subdials sporting a unique serif font with red inscriptions along its chapter ring.


Identifiable as a ref. 6239, this example boasts pump pushers along with a stainless steel bezel - the exact configuration that Paul Newman himself wore.



Watch is in near-mint overall condition. Case shows light signs of wear, with superficial scratches primarily visible on the polished case sides. Metal bezel has full enameling of the numbers in black, and only minor surface wear on the surface and edge. The dial is in near-mint condition. Luminous plots are all intact and have a pleasing cream tone that matches the hands. Crystal shows minor surface scratches. Bracelet is a 7025 Swiss rivet band with the proper 71 end links. It has 11 links total, and there is light stretch.

Our Perspective

We're proud to present this truly exceptional Paul Newman Daytona for auction on Loupe This. Considered to be the quintessential configuration, the white Paul Newman dial 6239 is the actual configuration that Paul Newman owned (And Phillips Auctioned) We love the condition of this piece, down to the fully intact luminous plots on the dial. A personal pet peeve of mine is broken luminous plots (which is a frequent issue with vintage Daytonas), and this example does not have that issue.

Eric Ku