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Rolex Submariner 114060 Non-Date

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Debuting in 1953 and released to the public the following year, the Rolex Submariner has undoubtedly become one of the most iconic timepieces of all time thanks to its legendary status as Rolex's flagship dive watch. Used extensively by the British Royal Navy and professional diving operations like COMEX, the Submariner set the bar for all dive watches to follow. Featuring a genuinely timeless design that has remained relatively unchanged throughout its history, the Rolex has become the archetypal sports watch. With very few large-scale aesthetic upgrades made to it over the years except for timely advancements like introducing a date function to the collection in the late '60s, and its modern cerachrom bezels, the Submariner is seen as the prototypical dive watch thanks to its consistency. The Submariner has earned its status as a legendary watch, with it today remaining as one of the most sought-after timepieces around.

Released in 2012 and discontinued in 2020, the Rolex ref. 114060 introduced three new design elements to the Submariner's pure and heritage-consistent "No-Date" collection in the way of its Maxi-Case, Maxi-Dial and cerachrom bezel. While retaining the 40mm case design of its predecessor, the ref. 14060, the ref. 114060's lugs were thicker and as such its case was substantially beefed up in accordance with contemporary tastes. Furthermore, its Maxi-dial featured larger hands and hour markers that filled its dial better than the smaller plots used for the ref. 14060 and provided increased legibility. Finally, the ref. 114060 also introduced the virtually-unscratchable cerachom bezel insert to the Submariner "No Date" collection following two years of its exclusive use in the Submariner Date collection. All larger steps to modernize the Submariner, the ref. 114060 marks a turning point in the Submariner's lineage whereby Rolex has made steps to appeal to modern and contemporary tastes in a heritage-focused collection.

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40mm x 12.5mm




Rolex Automatic cal. 3130




Stainless Steel


Circa 2012-2020


Near Mint


Stainless Steel


Watch Only

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With its symmetrical time-only display, the Submariner ref. 114060 stays true to the collection's heritage as a utility-oriented dive watch where legibility underwater was Rolex's only concern.


One of the last 40mm Rolex Submariners ever produced, the ref. 114060 marks the end of an era for the Submariner as its distinctive Maxi-case is now retired. Bringing a modern heft to the watch, the Maxi-case was beloved for its confident profile and unique aesthetic that will likely never been seen in the Submariner collection again.


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Overall condition of the watch is near-mint. Dial has like-new matching luminous markers and hands. Lugs are thick and full, and watch has nice sharp chamfered edges. The cerachom bezel insert is un-marred and the luminous pearl is intact. Bracelet has 9.5 links and fits a 7" wrist.

Our Perspective

Now discontinued, the Submariner ref. 114060 marks the end of the Maxi-case design in the collection following Rolex's decision to reduce the lug thickness of the current generation of Submariners. Loved by many, these thicker lugs give the Submariner ref. 114060 a distinctive heft that has now been lost and will likely not be reintroduced to the Submariner's iconic family of watches.

Justin Gruenberg


Lot # 1079

Rolex Submariner 114060 Non-Date